Buy Chinese Water Chestnut Plants

Chinese water chestnuts are remarkably easy to grow and bear abundantly. They'll grow in ponds, kiddie pools, old bathtubs and in swampy areas.

The taste of homegrown FRESH Chinese Water chestnuts is light years beyond the crunchy flavorless disks you'll find in Chinese takeout.
If you're interested in buying Chinese water chestnuts, I now have a limited quantity of plants for sale in my nursery. I had to turn a lot of people away earlier this year but my stock has improved since them.

You can grow Chinese water chestnuts at home, thanks to this limited time offer!

Paypal now!

Operators are standing by!


Seriously, they'll likely sell out fast (just like my cassava did this spring, dang it!). I need to keep some for my own table so I can't let too many go at this point.

Send $20.00 via the button below and I will send you five live Chinese water chestnut plants via Priority mail, shipping included.

Buy water chestnuts today!

NOTE: Because Chinese water chestnuts are a tall reedy sedge, I have to curl the leaves around inside a bag in order to ship them. This means they won't look all that pretty when they arrive, however they bounce back rapidly. Be patient and give them a week or two to recover from their long, dark voyage through the United States Postal Service.


  1. Hi! I'm expecting the water chestnuts to arrive soon and have prepared a pool with rich soil and water for them. Considering the winters here in PA should I leave them outside for the winter or bring them into the house?
    Thank you, Sandi B,

    1. Hi Sandi! I'd bring them in, unless you can protect your pond area. You might leave a few as a test, but Pennsylvania is really cold!


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