Thursday, July 9, 2015

Today at the 326 Market!

We had a great time last week at the Watermelon Festival... and this week ought to be plenty of fun as well.

My friend Donna is now selling a great assortment of wonderful handmade soaps, there are folks there with fresh-baked bread, there are amazing jams you can spread on that bread, there are magnificent pieces of handcrafted jewelry you can wear while you eat your bread and jam...

Anyhow, it's a great market.

And I'll be there with lots of plants for sale. Stop in and pick up some perennial vegetables and fruit trees for your yard!

The 326 Community Market runs every Thursday from 3 - 7PM and is really easy to find.

Google map is here. Their Facebook page is here (with lots more photos and info):

My prices are good and my gardening advice is free. See you there!

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