Friday, July 24, 2015

Jamaican Sorrel leaves are a good green

Rachel made something delicious a few nights ago.

She took chaya greens (which are one of my favorites) and cooked them mixed in with Jamaican sorrel leaves (Jamaican sorrel is also known as Florida cranberry - and in case you wondered: YES, Jamaican sorrel leaves are edible).

The tartness of the Jamaican sorrel meshed excellently with the hearty flavor of the chaya, making a really tasty mess of cooked greens.

The bed above was planted this spring and bears more leaves than we could ever consume - and later in the year, it will bear the delicious tart red calyxes used for cranberry sauce, mixed drinks and teas.

Quite a versatile plant. We find the leaves a bit too tart for the main part of a salad, but mixed in with a few other greens they have a refreshing bite reminiscent of a good balsamic vinegar.

Rachel is still working on her "strange vegetable" cookbook and these greens will definitely be in there. Stay tuned.


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