Monday, July 6, 2015

A Nocturnal Visitor

This beautiful creature showed up at my office window on a dark and humid night last week. I was writing and my wife stopped in to say "hi," and then remarked "David - look at that - on the window!!!"

I was thrilled - a Luna moth! I snatched my camera and got a good shot before it flew off into the night.

Someone just this last week asked why we leave various sweet gum trees around the yard. The answer is multi-pronged (I like the extra biomass for chop-n-drop, plus they shade the bad sandy area of the food forest, they make good living yam trellises, etc.) but one of the main reasons is that I want a place where Luna moths can feast. They also eat hickory, persimmon and sumacs, all of which I've allowed to grow in my food forest as the birds plant the seeds.

This is the second Luna moth I've seen this year. What a wonderful distraction from my writing.

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