Friday, July 10, 2015

A Brilliant Modular Pallet Chicken Coop Design

If you're looking for a simple, well-built, cheap, predator proof chicken coop design... here it is:

Bonus: this is a chicken coop made of pallets.

Pallets! That's cheap and strong.

The problem with many chicken tractors is that they're not predator-proof. I've gone from free-ranging birds to keeping them totally locked up to experimenting with tractors to building tougher coops to again building tractors... but Allan's pallet chicken coop is a great design. I also like that it's modular. You can build it in pieces, then bolt it together, provided you can find the right-sized pallets for your chicken coop design.

We should write up some plans! I was impressed.

Here in Florida, predators are always a problem. I've lost more chickens to racoons, possums, hawks and even snakes than I care to mention.

It's all well and good to talk about the "natural" way of letting them run around the yard, but at the end of the day, homesteaders are keeping chickens for eggs and meat - and chickens are a tasty prey animal. If they aren't completely protected in a predator-proof coop, you will lose some - or all - of your birds.

Putting hardware cloth all the way around may cost some cash but it's better than coming out in the morning and finding out that your birds have been decapitated and strewn around the yard.

Been there, seen that, hated it. Never again. A safe, tough, pallet chicken coop like this one is a great idea and I thank Allan for sharing it with us!

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