Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Compost Everything Testimonial

One of the readers of Compost Everything: The Good Guide To Composting sent me a nice note yesterday letting me know he's already putting some of the ideas into practice:

Subject: Goat Head Cherry Tree


Tom at Entwood Hollow here.

After butchering two goats Wednesday, I gave the offal to the 10 pigs. 

When they were done, two heads, several hooves, and some other bits remained.

I told Mrs. B. about your goat head fertilizer method. She did the girl shiver thing, then went and bought a Cherry  Bing/ Van graft.

I dug a hole, deposited the remains of the departed, and then planted the new tree.

Then, I piped the kitchen greywater to a point 1 foot upstream of the rootball. We'll see how the Goat/Greywater system pans out.

Hope all is well for you.

Entwood Hollow Farm
Douglas City, Ca.

Thank you for the note, Tom, and for letting me share it here. I think you're going to do great with that cherry.

Feeding goat remains to pigs and giving the rest to a cherry tree? THAT is extreme composting!

Pick up your own copy of Compost Everything and start burying goat heads underneath your cherry trees like a mad composting George Washington.

It's fun!

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