Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today at the 326 Community Market: CRAZY EDIBLES!

At my plant booth, I get a lot of people saying "What in the world is THAT?"

That gives me a chance to share with them about some of the incredible "unknown" edibles that grow in our climate.

Summer greens on our homestead include chaya, longevity spinach, Surinam purslane, Florida cranberry and other greens that most folks have never tried. I like seeing folks' eyes light up when they taste a leaf.

 "Hey - that's good!"

These vegetables sail right through the heat, long after the scraggly remains of your kale and lettuce have his the compost heap. Most of them I sell in small pots for $2 each - and they can be propagated from cuttings once you have them.

Along with my greens, I'll also have fruit and nut trees, berries and more.

The 326 Community Market runs every Thursday from 3 - 7PM and is really easy to find.

Google map is here. Their Facebook page is here (with lots more photos and info):

My prices are good and my gardening advice is free.

Beyond what I carry, there are also folks selling melt-in-your-mouth Florida peaches, handcrafts, chickens, delicious ice cream (from actual hand-milked cows), crafts, vegetables, baked goods, homemade jams and jellies, local raw honey, ornamental plants, handcrafted birdhouses and more.

It's a great group of people and very friendly... the way a local market should be.

Come on down!

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