Monday, April 13, 2015

African Yam propagation from minisetts: it worked!

I posted on my "minisett" experiment last month.

Here are the results:

Not all of the pieces emerged. I knew some of the yams were old, so I'm guessing that was the issue. The tissue inside some of them was a bit mottled, which makes me think that's why they rotted rather than jumped to life.

Lots have come up, however - check it out:

Those vines are really hopping. I need to get transplanting ASAP!

True yams are an excellent survival crop for Florida and other subtropical areas - I can't recommend them enough.

Speaking of yams, here's a rare purple one that's popping back up after its long winter sleep:

I've got that growing at the base of a pollarded sweetgum tree. The pole beside it is there to give it a jump onto the trunk. 

This year the root will likely be large enough to harvest...

...and make more minisetts for next year.

Go out, hit your local ethnic market and hunt down some yams. They're beautiful and easy-to-grow - and unlike air potatoes, they're not at all invasive.


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