Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daikons (and don't forget the Gainesville Market this evening!)

Those are daikon radishes, a mild-flavored and crispy relative of our common red radish. Hailing from Japan, daikons are scrappy, easy-to-grow and productive.

This was our first year giving them a go and I'm happy with the results. Think of them as icicle radishes on steroids.

Rachel has put a few jars in brine to pickle in the fridge. We've also added them to kimchi, stir-fries, and eaten them fresh and crispy right from the garden.

There are apparently much larger varieties of daikons - I'd like to try those this fall. The entire bed has now bolted so I think we're done growing them for this year... it's sweet potato and Seminole pumpkin time.

On another note, I'll be at the Gainesville Farmer's Market this evening from 4-7 - look for the Florida Food Forests booth. We'll have a variety of interesting plants for sale including cassava, gingers, blueberries, persimmons, peaches and other delights.

Come on by and say hi! The Union Street Market website is here. There you'll find directions and more about the market.

There's a lot of great produce there, along with other plant stands, handicrafts, homemade ice cream, freshly baked sourdough bread from my friend Joe at the Mosswood Farm Store, homemade soap and lots more.

I scored a beautiful Vietnamese hollyhock last week thanks to my friend Kathleen, a fellow plant-seller a couple of booths down from mine.

Stop in and check it out.

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At March 25, 2015 at 7:55 PM , Blogger Derek the Grower said...

Awesome radishes man! I've had a variety of diakon I've grown for three generations of planting. Most are of a large but fair size like yours. However a few always manage to get strikingly huge! If you'd like to try them out just let me know got plenty of seeds.


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