Friday, December 5, 2014

Introducing a New Project: The Brilliant Homestead

I've gotten involved with a new homesteading website project I think you all will appreciate.

Introducing The Brilliant Homestead:

There are still some bugs; however, this site is slated to be a massive repository of good homesteading ideas and feeds from multiple other homesteading sites.

From gardening to rocket stoves, greenhouses to snow shovels... it'll be there. Right now I only have a few articles and some pieces scrounged from here... but soon... soon!

I think Florida Survival Gardening is too regional for some of the topics worth covering. The Brilliant Homestead will allow for a much broader range of topics.

Add it to your reading list. There's a lot more on the way. And if you have any suggestions of sites or topics that should be over there - pass 'em on!

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