Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review: The Market Gardener

I just finished reading Jean-Martin Fortier's The Market Gardener and was quite impressed.

Though his farm is based in Quebec, there's a lot of universal gardening information and techniques which carry over into our climate.

Here's the kicker: he's making great money from a 1.5 acre farm.

Even more impressive, Fortier is pulling this off organically.

I'm going to be implementing some of his techniques in my fall field crops. (Yes - I have field crop beds again, thanks to a new friend in the neighborhood!)

Fortier's gardening methods borrow from traditional pre-industrial agriculture, permaculture, modern science, Biodynamic gardening and more. He uses simple tools for the most part, including broadforks and wheel hoes... and at the same time, uses woven plastic nursery sheeting and a flame weeder to kill weeds and a walk-behind two-wheeled tractor for bed prep and other jobs.

If you're interested in growing more food and squeezing every calorie out of your piece of the earth, buy this book.

You won't regret it. Just check out the reviews.

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