Thursday, October 2, 2014

Today at the 326 Community Market! White Mulberries, Epic Figs, Cold-hardy Bananas!

It was a wonderful week at the market last Thursday. Plenty of friends and readers stopped by to say hi and talk about plants, plus pick up a few new things for their gardens.

A friend brought me a pair of "Ice Cream" banana pups to try out in my food forest, another friend brought me seeds, and yet another friend brought me some bolete mushrooms he'd picked after reading one of my posts.

(I tell you... I'm so blessed by you wonderful people and your kind hearts. Sometimes it's hard to sell plants: I just want to give them all away as a thanks for all I've been given! Of course, that doesn't buy oatmeal for the children, so there is that. ;)

Right now I've got some more Haitian basket vines, plus a few edible hibiscus plants in stock. Turk's Cap, broad-leafed spinach type, plus red cranberry hibiscus with its delicious tart leaves. 

Peppers are still on sale (and fruiting in their pots!) for $1.50 each.

I've also got a couple of white mulberries (the fruit won't stain!!!) and a few Gainesville Epic Fig trees left.

Additionally, I now have a decent amount of cold-hardy-ish Raja Puri bananas, a ridiculously productive dessert banana that will outproduce the common cavendish and ladyfinger types most of us have. 

Along with those I have a Dwarf Red banana that makes burgundy fruit. Not as good a producer but it looks really cool.

Seriously... don't you want some of those? Come and get one - all my one-gallon potted bananas are just $6.00 each.

I also have some a few dwarf mulberry trees left in stock for $8.00 a pot. 

Visit the 326 Market in Ocala today and go shopping. There's a lot going on in the nursery and I'm finding more rare edibles each week.

Some of my other wonderful selections include:

HOT PEPPERS (Jalapeno, Habanero, Cayenne!): $1.50 ON SALE!!! Or 10 for $10!

CELOSIA ARGENTEA (great green/amaranth-type grain): $3.00 a pot

CHAYA: $5.00



I also bring a limited number of other rare edible/perennial vegetable and fruit from the tropics and beyond!

The 326 Community Market runs every Thursday from 3 - 7PM and is really easy to find.

Google map is here. Their Facebook page is here (with lots more photos and info):

My prices are good and my gardening advice is free.

Beyond what I carry, there are also folks selling melt-in-your-mouth Florida peaches, goat milk cheese and soap, handcrafts, recycled pallet wood furniture, fresh lemonade, chickens, delicious ice cream (from actual hand-milked cows), crafts, vegetables, baked goods, homemade jams and jellies (really good), local raw honey, ornamental plants, homemade birdhouses and more.

It's a great group of people and very friendly... the way a local market should be.

Come on down!



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