Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today at the 326 Community Market!

It's time to plant your fall gardens! Come on down and see what I have!

If you haven't stopped by the 326 Community Market yet... what are you waiting for?

I still have hot peppers at $2.00 a pot - come and pick some up for your fall garden and learn to grind your own red pepper. The taste of homegrown peppers is unbelievable!

I also have small Illinois Everbearing trees for $12.00 each. Don't worry about the size... mulberries grow FAST! I also have some dwarf ones back in stock for $8.00 a pot. Plant a mulberry hedge!

Chinese Water Chestnuts

Do you have a pond? A swampy spot? A kiddie pool? Chinese water chestnuts are a delicious root crop that loves the heat and will produce abundantly. It's also perennial! Give 'em a try!

Japanese Persimmons

Simply one of the best fruit trees for this area. Sweet, luscious, non-astringent fruit... and my price of $29 per tree is really hard to beat.


I've sold out of potted Indian cassava plants again, but I've got a few of the pretty variegated type... you'll love the way they look, plus the leaves are edible boiled... even if their roots aren't anything to write home about.

Visit the 326 Market in Ocala today and go shopping. There's a lot going on in the nursery and I'm finding more rare edibles each week.

Some of my wonderful selections include:



CELOSIA ARGENTEA (great green/amaranth-type grain): $3.00 a pot

SURINAME SPINACH: $3.00 for small pots, $6.00 for large

GINGERS (Various): $6.00

CHAYA: $5.00

ROSEMARY: $2.00 a small pot 

LAVENDER: $2.00 a small pot


FIGS (Various): $20.00

JAPANESE PERSIMMONS (Various non-astringent): $29.00

I'll also bring a limited number of other rare edible/perennial vegetable and fruit from the tropics and beyond!

The 326 Community Market runs every Thursday from 3 - 7PM and is really easy to find.

Google map is here. Their Facebook page is here (with lots more photos and info):

My prices are good and my gardening advice is free.

Beyond what I carry, there are also folks selling melt-in-your-mouth Florida peaches, goat milk cheese and soap, handcrafts, recycled pallet wood furniture, fresh lemonade, chickens, delicious ice cream (from actual hand-milked cows), crafts, vegetables, baked goods, homemade jams and jellies (really good), local raw honey, ornamental plants, homemade birdhouses and more.

It's a great group of people and very friendly... the way a local market should be.

Come on down!


At August 28, 2014 at 6:23 PM , Anonymous John said...

Very cool, great prices.

At August 28, 2014 at 9:39 PM , Blogger David The Good said...

Thank you. I try to keep costs low. Going to the Farmer's Market rather than setting up as a retail place saves me lots of overhead.


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