Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A good-looking cane machete

This model looks a LOT like the good one I use:

IMACASA 22" Imacasa Sugar Cane Machete

If you buy through that link, I get a few pennies. My favorite machete style for Florida is the cane machete. I find myself using the hook on the back all the time; a feature unfortunately not included with the Cold Steel version of the knife. The Cold Steel cane machete is also too heavy for regular use.

I also prefer the style of the handle as shown on the Imacasa. Standard wood handles with rivets have never held up as well as the complete cast polymer type.

At $22.26 with free shipping, the price ain't bad. Not as low as the cheapo machetes you see elsewhere on Amazon, but that's probably a good thing.

I may have to buy one myself to see how it compares with the no-name thrift store cane machete I've preferred for years.


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