Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flowing with purple riches

Dave Taylor of Taylor Gardens Nursery gave me a "Texas Everbearing" fig to try out on the homestead.

Though it's still in a pot, it's already bearing abundantly - and the figs are 4-5 times the size of a Brown Turkey fig.

They're also delicious and quite photogenic.

Within moments of taking photos, these fruit were devoured by happy children. Win!

Here's a shot of this variety's interior:

Lovely fruit.

If you don't have a fig tree on your homestead... why not??? Plant one - they grow wonderfully here!

Speaking of things you should have on your homestead, our purple snake beans are in full swing right now, providing us with meal after meal:

These are a different variety of the snake beans I normally grow. I planted them just for fun, since I like the color. They're really an attractive vegetable and I'll bet they're better for you than the run-of-the-mill green bean.

Finally, our last piece of purple produce has arrived with the ripening of this year's elderberry crop:

Elderberries taste a little strange raw but they're apparently amazing in jellies and wines. Our harvest wasn't enough for that kind of processing so I've been drying and setting aside the berries to use for treating colds and flus over this coming winter.

The elderberry plants I grow on my homestead and sell at the 326 Community Market are unimproved varieties. I'm testing some improved cultivars right now but I'm not sure how well they'll do here in Florida since their parent stock comes from way up north.

That's something to worry about later on.

Right now I'm just enjoying the royal bounty flowing in from every corner of our little homestead.

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