Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday from 7AM - 1:00PM: Blueberry U-Pick and Plant Sale at B & G Blueberries!

Last week went wonderfully at B & G Blueberries. It's a true family operation. One generation washing out blueberry buckets for picking... the next generation weighing bags laden with sweet fruit... and the next generation directing traffic. I love seeing family businesses like this and am proud to be a part of this year's fun.

The picking price is just $2.50 a lb, too! And though the berries aren't organic, they also aren't sprayed with any pesticides so you can nibble without fear. I'm going to pick a few gallons for my freezer tomorrow.

And if you haven't tried real Florida rabbiteye blueberries before, you're in for a treat. Bill also has some Southern Highbush blueberry bushes at untouchable prices. $12 for a 3-gallon plant. Crazy.

As for me, I'll have a wide selection of perennial vegetables and fruit trees, including gingers, wild blueberries, dwarf pomegranates, chaya, coffee, Okinawa spinach and more. 

Come on by, pick some berries and buy some plants!

Here's the official announcement:

U-Pick at B & G Blueberries (2014)

Picking times are 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM. NORMAL SEASON (Best crop in years!) – June 21, 27, 28, July 5 and maybe 12.  ($2.50 per lb.). Check our answering machine for any changes to these dates.

We are downsizing our Blueberry Nursery and will be offering great prices on 3 gal Southern High Bush plants. (Call for details). We also sell fertilizer & pine bark. (Pre-picked Blueberries – Call for details.)

From Silver Springs go east on SR40 to CR 315. Go left 5 ½ miles to NE 100 St. Go left and follow the Blueberry signs ¼ miles to B & G Blueberries.
Please call us at 352-236-4410, or Email us at  if you have any questions.

The Halls – Bill, Gail, Danny, Dorothy, Justin, Micah, Rebekah,  Ben, Jason, Robin, Savannah and Emmalee – B & G Blueberries.

READ WHAT'S NEW AT B&G Blueberries 

David Goodman, author, gardening expert and creator of the daily Florida gardening resource, will be joining us to answer gardening questions. He'll also be bringing plenty of easy-to-grow Florida fruit trees and perennial vegetables from his edible plant nursery. Sweet persimmons! Abundant pears! Delicious gingers! Great prices and great plants, plus you get to meet David in person. Be sure to say hi and learn how easy Florida gardening can be.


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