Saturday, June 14, 2014

Living Sanibel

For anyone who loves the ocean, loves gardening or loves Sanibel, check out my friend Susan's newly revamped blog here:

My parents took their honeymoon on Sanibel long ago, back before I was born. I remember as a child hearing my mom talk about how she and Dad watched the sandpipers racing along the beach.

Sanibel is a lovely place, particularly if you like collecting shells and sea beans.

At Living Sanibel, Susan discusses food forests, shares gardening links, talks about shelling, compost, cats and life on Sanibel, plus has a list of plants and seeds she's interested in acquiring and trading.

Check it out. I'm going to have to go over there for a visit before too long. I love the west coast.


Louise remembers what Sanibel was like decades ago:

"Boy, did this bring back memories.  When I was just a kid, my mother took me to Sanibel for a week every Summer.  I know it dates me, but we crossed on the ferry and stayed in a cottage type motel down toward Captiva.  Hurricane House I think.  
Every morning I would walk by myself up to the lighthouse.....a perfectly safe thing to do then, from the time I was about eight.  There was a wonderful old paddlewheeler you could see from the beach.  It had been brought from the Mississippi River, to be something like a restaurant, but I don't think it ever happened.  It looked abandoned when I was a pretty small kid. I loved picking up shells and eating smoked mullet.  I walked in the bay and picked up huge live horse conchs and took them home to Orlando in the back window of the car.  I soaked them in muriatic acid to get the animal out.  No one knew All of that was a Bad thing to do.  Thanks for the reminder of a much simpler time."


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