Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Learn the secrets of survival gardening in my NEW in-depth audio course!

Many of you have asked me to write a book. Others have said I should host a gardening radio program.

With that in mind, I've melded the two and created an in-depth audio presentation that gives you tons and tons of information on how to survive if the grid goes down.

Now for sale thanks to my publishers over at The Prepper Project:

"Everything Is Crashed How Can I Not Starve OMIGOSH We're All Gonna Die - But Wait, Not So Fast, David Goodman Is Here!"

Actually, it's called "Survival Gardening Secrets." 

(The editors told me NO on the the first title. I dunno why... I'm not a marketer.)

This audio series contains plenty of input that could save your life in a crisis.

I cover hand tools, survival crops, getting rid of grass, minimum numbers of plants needed for successful seed saving, fertilizing, extreme composting, plus plenty of tips on pest control.

I also composed the soundtrack.

CLICK HERE to buy a copy and read the official marketing for the program. I

t's loaded with info and also features additional CDs with other experts. The brilliant Lucinda Bailey covers in-depth seed saving and the bad boy of permaculture - Paul Wheaton - shares his thoughts on water-saving and irrigation.

This is it - my first official "for sale" offering of knowledge. If you like this blog, you'll really dig this presentation.

Thanks for all the support. You have no idea how much fun I'm having helping people grow their own food.

-David the Good

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