Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Can You Grow Figs In Florida? The Gainesville Epic Fig Says YES!

I was asked about growing figs by a friend at church this last Sunday and I mentioned how easy they were to grow... and that there was an amazing specimen in Gainesville.

Backstory: A couple of years ago my cousin Ben (a truly talented artist) and his family moved into a nice condo complex up in Gainesville.

I've taken my family up there for visits now and again... and when there, I noticed an amazingly big fig tree that was planted long ago.

Sadly, my cousin and his family have moved to another state (he got an awesome job with a big design studio), but before he left I took pictures of the fig.

I'm guessing it's a good 25' tall and loaded with fruit. I have no idea who originally planted this tree there, but God bless them. What a great fruit tree to tuck into a condo developement. 

It's hard to take a good picture capturing the immensity of this tree, especially on a rainy day at dusk, but I did my best. 

Here's another shot up through the center:

And a shot from the sidewalk nearby:

And here's the trunk:

To whoever planted this tree, good work. You've improved a corner of the world. 

If you live in the Gainesville area and want to see this tree in person, I nicked the map off the Sparrow Condominiums website. Here it is with an X-marks-the-spot.

It's worth seeing this tree if you get a chance. 



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