Friday, June 27, 2014

Blackberry Picking at Taylor Gardens Nursery

I like berries for their taste and health benefits, but I hate buying them from the grocery store.

First of all, they're too expensive... and second of all, they've often been sprayed with who-knows-what.

The pesticide load of berries are among the highest in the produce section.

Expensive... and toxic. Great.

I'd much rather buy locally from people I know. That way I can find out if they've been sprayed or not. Dave Taylor doesn't spray any pesticides on the berries at his U-pick, so I get my blackberries from him.

Here's the latest post over at the new Taylor Gardens Nursery site if you're interested in going picking this weekend. Taylor Gardens also carries a wide range of native and ornamental plants. Many of the pollinator-attracting plants and nitrogen fixers I've added to my food forest have come from their nursery.

Directions and the phone number are on their site. Say "hi" to Dave and Guda for me if you make it over there. And don't eat all the blackberries... I want some more for myself!


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