Thursday, May 29, 2014

The sea bean is BACK!

Check it out:

Last year I took a short sidetrack into germinating sea beans and wrote about it here.

I originally had the plant growing up bamboo canes I'd attached to my back porch; however, the vines kept hitting the hot metal roof and dying back. Then in the fall, the plant froze to the ground and I thought I'd lost it.

Not so!

A month or so ago, it started growing again from the base and I've moved the pot to the garden. I thought about transplanting it directly into the soil but I'm afraid the move might kill it, so I left the plant in its pot.

Maybe we'll get our own home-grown sea beans this year. Now if I can just get the ocean to come a little closer...

(Today's plant geek interruption is now concluded. Please return to your regularly scheduled survival gardening.)

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