Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Page: Discover What You've Missed in my New Newsletter Archive Page

Wait... you haven't signed up for my Florida Survival Gardening newsletter yet?

I won't spam you, but I will share more than I share on the blog with those that sign up.

Sometimes it's hard to connect with people personally via an open blog like this one. I get spammers, drive-bys and visits from Russian bots in the night... but with the newsletter, I know I'm reaching real people.

I generally send out the newsletter every few weeks and include closer looks at plants that really shine in Florida, plus give you news on where I'll be speaking, what I'm currently excited about and also share some of my crazier experiments and discoveries.

I'd love you to be in the club, so I'm now posting my old newsletters on a new page in the navigation bar up top so you can see what you've missed so far. Here's... the... ARCHIVE!

Read on through, then sign up!

(One of these days I might try to get you to buy some "FloriDa Surviving Gardens VitaMin PilLS That ReaLLy WorK To BOOOOST FailiNG Energies!1!" but chances are... I won't.)


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