Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crime Scene Investigators: Small Mammal Edition

I was working on an article at my desk the other day when my daughter came in.


ME: Yes?

DAUGHTER: We found a weird dead animal outside.

ME: Oh yeah?

DAUGHTER: Yeah. So we drew it. Look!

ME: Wow. Nice.

DAUGHTER: We're not sure what it is. Can you tell us?

ME: Looks like a mole to me. Where did you find it?

DAUGHTER: In the path in the backyard. The ants are eating it.

ME: You should catalog your find further. Here, take the camera and get some shots. I'm sure your mom will want to see them.


I went back to work on my article and forgot about our strange conversation until I just downloaded the contents of my camera and found the following images:

Yep. Definitely a mole.

Subject matter aside, why do photos taken by children always look creepy as heck?

I love my kids. Life is significantly more hilarious with them around.

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