Monday, March 24, 2014

Beating pollen season

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It's that time of year.

The time for drifts of falling yellow.

The time for golden dust on your car.

And, in my case, the time for red eyes, sneezing, headaches and wheezing.

I've been staying inside as much as possible (which kills me) on dry, sunny days.

I did go out to Lowe's one day and was recognized by a friend. My eyes were swollen and I know looked pretty lousy. (Pollen season is really a difficult time for one blessed with my natural good looks... being without them... even just having red eyes for a bit... tough.)

I could see the worry in his eyes. Was Dave on drugs?

"No," I said in response to his unasked question, "it's not the Faces of Meth... it's just pollen season."

I had an idea, though, when I got home that night.

What if I got a pair of goggles and a particulate mask? Then I can rock that Zombie Apocalypse look, plus be free to go outside without succumbing to the YELLOW DEATH.

So... a couple of days ago, I hit Amazon and bought this.

Now I just need a chainsaw for all the stupid oaks.


  1. I feel incredibly thankful that I don't have pollen allergies. I am allergic to mold, which means I usually go *outside* to stop an impending allergy attack, and the herbs that I take have reduced those reactions down to almost nil. A gardener who's allergic to pollen? That's just cruel.

    1. I think it's a form of co-dependency. I try to take care of plants... they try to kill me.

  2. I feel your pain Dave. As we speak, I'm choking to death on the sinus drainage. (sigh)

    1. Soon we shall meet again on the other side of pollen season... a world of clear air and open skies...


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