Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Florida Earthskills Gathering, Day 2

What I Learned:

Chayote squash can be productive even in North Florida.

How to graft loquat trees. (Thank you, Oliver!)

That "stinkhorns" are edible when small.

Oyster mushrooms grow wild in Florida.

There are a surprising number of small government libertarians and conservatives attending.

There are really a lot of sharp and well-spoken children at the Earthskills gathering.

Tanning deer hide can be done using brains.

Humans do not have an innate sense of direction - they only have keen or dull senses of observation.

Soursop can apparently fetch $10 - $20 per lb locally.

You can power a truck on used motor oil.

What I Taught:

Easy gardening for Florida.

How to work with nature rather than against it.

Picking crops that grow in comparable climates.

Virtual Friends I Finally Met In Person:

Shon Law. He's as cool in person as he was on video.

I also finally met Mycol Stevens thanks to his adorable girlfriend Cricket. She gave me one of her lovely handmade potholders.

I also got to hang out with Green Deane again. Love that guy.

Last but not least, I got some serious plant geek brain food and input from the brilliant Micheal Adler of the Edible Plant Project.

And Finally:

I'll be back there again on Sunday morning to teach my final class. I'll cover gardening for the apocalypse and growing food in a grid-down situation.This one will be packed with tool demos and ideas on composting stuff you normally would avoid. It'll be EPIC!


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