Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reminder: The Survival Summit is Still Available for Free

I was just sent the following from the folks at The Prepper Project - you can still sign up to hear my (and many other presentations) for free:

Have you registered yet...?

The Survival Summit is taking place this week.  It's a 100% online
seminar that you can watch FREE on pre-recorded video.

34 survival and self-reliance experts -- interviewed.

... giving you over 43 hours of training in post-collapse survival!
Property defense & security.  Building a retreat and finding
like-minded community members. Food production and storage.
Water, energy, and fuel systems.  It's all covered!

And when you sign up here you get access to 5 or 6 NEW video interviews every day.

Who hosts a FREE seminar, with 34 guest experts?

The Womach brothers are doing it...  And the wealth of
information they're giving away is extraordinary.  Tens of 1000s
of people are crammed into their website, watching right now.

So don't wait to register...

Because there's ONE CATCH:  each new set of videos is
only available FREE for 24 hours.  After that, you have to
pay for access.

(Not much of a catch when you think about it... A seminar of this
caliber would cost you $5000+ to attend in a city like Vegas.)

Register with your email to watch The Survival Summit videos here:


Like the promo copy says, I'm impressed with how much they're just giving away. I also think it's cool that Paul Wheaton, Marjory Wildcraft and I are all part of the same event.

Listen in if you get a chance - there's not much time left.

-David the Good


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