Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awesome Free Online Survival Event - Go Sign Up!

Attention, survival gardeners!

Coming later this month, there's a killer online event you won't want to miss. I got all the details a few days ago and passed them on in the newsletter - but in case you don't get that, I don't want you to miss your chance to register.

I got tapped to take part in The Survival Summit, a six-day online event assembled by the folks at The Prepper Project. I'll be speaking on extreme composting and sharing a LOT of crazy ideas on how you can turn almost anything into soil fertility, including stuff that the local extension will freak out over.

Not only that, if you sign up, you can hear people that are at least as smart as me, including Paul Wheaton on gardening with NO irrigation (he's the MAN on that), Marjory Wildcraft on homesteading and survival gardening, how to legally make alcohols for fuel and barter with Josh Bayne, how to grow enough protein to feed 22 adults in only 400 square feet with Nick Klein plus a whole bunch more folks on different topics, including making biodiesel, hunting, self-defense and all kinds of stuff.

Don't put this off. It's free for the days of the event... but once the event is over, it's over!

I'm really thrilled to be part of The Survival Summit. Sharing the platform with these guys is an honor.

So go - sign up! Now! It's free! It's fun!

Sign up!

See you all there. Go tell your friends!

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