Thursday, January 30, 2014

A particulary persistent spammer: 99aquaponics

Every couple of days I get a new comment on a random post - completely unrelated to content - posted by the user "flame93."

The comment is always something like:

"Check out this revolutionary gardening system (link redacted)"


"Also checkout this DIY organic garden (link redacted)"

When you go to the site (which you shouldn't bother doing) it's a cheap-looking site with a pitch for an aquaponics system.


Holy moly! Someone used a highlighter! This stuff must be important!

Look - when someone has a good idea, I like to hear about it. But when they post their spam over and over on your site without being any part of the community, it gets tiresome.

I've deleted flame93's posts many, many times.

In doing a little research online, I discovered that 99aquaponics isn't just spamming my site... oh no... they're spamming every single prepper and gardening site you can imagine:

Nice. Spammers are likely to be scammers.

Don't buy things without a lot of research. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That said, these guys are almost too BAD to be true. Look at all those spam links... everyone from The Sun to Mother Earth News has been plastered with their digital graffiti.

I don't care if they invented the best gardening system since Eden... I recommend you stay far, far away from these relentless robomarketers.



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