Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Quick Aside: Give My Sister Money... Get Healthy... Lose Weight!

///ALERT! The following is a PSA on behalf of my amazing little sister///

I've never been a "supplement" taker or much of a "health food" guy.

I grow my own - and what I don't grow, I actively seek out in food form.

Turmeric, sesame seed, raw egg, yogurt, black-strap molasses, moringa, cinnamon, seaweed, cocoa, peanut butter banana smoothie, anyone? (I'm not kidding).

However, if you're looking to eat healthy or lose weight and you don't have time to garden (and don't enjoy practicing culinary alchemy), you may be interested in checking out the health products offered by my sister Linda.

This is not a picture of my sister, though it would be cool if it was.
She's lost weight on them and loves to share her knowledge (and I owe her for helping me keep my business organized some years back when I was totally swamped with work) - so here's her website. You can reach her directly to find out how she can help you, too - her number is 954-261-1930 and her e-mail is darlin238 (at)

I don't make a penny if you buy anything, but she does - and she's a really generous gal who gives... and gives... and gives to her family, church and community. Maybe she can help one of you with a New Year's health resolution.

///We now return to our regularly scheduled garden programming///


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