Friday, September 27, 2013

Prepper Project Article Round Up: Good Books, Worthless Trees, Log Skidding and Marxism

I've been busy writing lately, though you might not know it from this site.

Along side Florida Survival Gardening, I'm also secretly a radio script writer and audio producer, and of course I also do plenty for The Prepper Project. Over there, I'm staying busy with a lot of research and outlining for some very cool upcoming webinars... plus my regular article writing.

Here are a few of the latest - good stuff in here:

Hilarious Log Skidding Video From Pa Mac:

Where's the best place in the US for Gardening - and Freedom?

Solar lighting without electricity:

My top eight survival gardening books:

Dealing with stupid worthless trees:

How growing beans turned me into a Marxist:

Coming up soon, I'm going to do a few more plant profiles here, along with some writing on trips I've taken to some of Florida's lesser-known gardening hotspots.



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