Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cold-hardy cassava

I got this plant from Taylor Gardens Nursery a couple years ago. It's withstood the cold of winter without freezing to the ground like my other cassava do.

Yet I haven't been able to find anything related to its edibility. My best guess is that it's Manihot grahammi, but I can't even nail that down for sure.

It's in the spurge family, known more specifically as the Euphorbiaceae family. That family contains a wild variety of beautiful, useful and toxic species including chaya, cassava, poinsettia (including our wild Florida native variety), the "crown of thorns" plant and this guy.

I visited The Great Wall Of Lutz blog a week or so ago and saw that ChrisC lost a wild poinsettia... and apparently gained a cold-hardy cassava. There's enough similarity between the species to confuse you. It's like chaya and spurge nettle. Pretty similar when they're small. DON'T CONFUSE THEM OR IT HURTS REALLY BAD AND YOU WILL CRY LIKE A BABY!!!11!1!!

All that to say... does anyone know if this type of cassava is edible? It's been fruiting and self-seeding in the yard, so if you can eat it, I'd like to know... before I let it take over completely.

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