Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raw Harvest Data for Spring/Summer 2013

My goal for this year was to hit a total of 1000lbs of food. I'm not there yet, but I just did some math and found we've already beat last year's complete harvest.

Broccoli: 40lbs, 2oz
Turnips: 36lbs
Papaya: 10lbs
Mustard Greens: 20lbs (est.)
Beets: 4lbs, 3oz
Kohlrabi: 10lbs, 1 oz
Cabbage: 16lb, 11oz
Radishes: 10lbs (est.)
Kale: 10lbs (est.)
White potatoes: 104.5 lbs
Carrots: 10lbs
Beans: 25lbs
Garlic: 4lbs
Pineapple: 5.5lbs
Watermelon: 29lbs
Strawberries: 15lb (est.)
Cassava: 8lbs
Corn: 10lbs
Seminole Pumpkins: 26.5lbs

Total: 394lbs, 11oz

This doesn't count the pile of corn I harvested from my off-property plot. I'm also not counting the many salads we consumed, since I find it a pain in the neck to weigh salad greens. On the ones that read "est.," I'm making conservative guesses at my totals. We sometimes ate meals and forgot to weigh things, or we grazed through the garden, helping ourselves to carrots and kale. The kids also stole a lot of carrots to munch on when they were playing (which I don't mind), so we're not sure exactly what we took out of the ground. 

Also, the strawberry beds were heavily looted by our two-year-old. I'd ask Rachel if we ever had any berries, since all the ripe ones were mysteriously missing. Eventually, we discovered the baby was getting up early in the morning, going out back and picking before we even woke up. Smart kid. I'm glad he didn't decide to learn to drive while we were in bed.

Beyond these solid numbers on the veggie plots, we've also fed a lot of sub-par produce to the chickens, ate a few figs, many Jamaican cherries and handfuls of blueberries, sauteed a lot of weeds, plus made more than one batch of delicious chaya greens.

I can't wait until our trees come into production. I feel like we're barely getting started.

When the sweet potatoes and boniato come in a few months from now, and the fall garden gets kicking, we'll see if we hit 1000lbs.

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At August 20, 2013 at 3:57 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

My spring veggie garden wasn't that great.Of course,it doesn't help that I didn't tend to it too well.I'm hoping for better this Fall....


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