Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cindy Connor on seed saving

Reading Cindy Connor is a breath of fresh air. I put her blog "Homeplace Earth" on my sidebar quite a while ago, but hadn't visited for too long... when I did, I came across this excellent post on seed saving:

"I assume everyone has their favorite seed company, or several favorites. However, as good as these sources are, they might not always be there for you. Even if the company exists, the varieties it carries might not. If they don’t grow the seed themselves, their suppliers, even if they are excellent farmers, could suffer crop failure from time to time. Or, the variety is dropped from the catalog due to low sales. What do you do then, if that variety was the pride of your garden? Did you ever consider saving seed yourself from the varieties you grow? Providing what we are talking about is open-pollinated varieties, you could have grown out a portion of your crop to seed yourself, insuring future harvests (read the rest)"

I hope you read the entire thing. If you don't, I'll post more stuff on model trains.

Or maybe I'll start posting weird MS Paint drawings and forget garden blogging altogether.

It would probably prove to be significantly more popular, at least until the next round of the Econopocalypse kicks in.


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