Monday, June 17, 2013

@The Prepper Project: Gardening Without Electricity

Yeah... I like NBC's Revolution. Scratch that: I love it, despite its shortcomings. The program has made me think more about life without electricity. Could you bathe without it? Cook? Garden? Will your water supply work? Will you be able to preserve your harvest?

Find out... in my new article over at The Prepper Project on gardening without electricity:

"I like to brag to people, in a passive-aggressive SWPL way, that I don’t have a TV.

RANDOM PERSON #1: “What the heck? You made a bust of Nebuchadnezzar from broken glass, cheerios and string? You have too much time on your hands!”

ME: “I don’t have a TV.”

RANDOM PERSON #2: “How in the world do you find time to garden?”
ME: “I don’t have a TV.”

RANDOM PERSON #3: “Omigosh… what, do you have, like a half-dozen kids? You must not have a TV!”

ME: “Bingo! High five!”

Anyhow, despite not having a TV, I have managed to get addicted to the new NBC series Revolution. (Thanks, Internet, for making me a total hypocrite.)

Revolution imagines a world where the power has been shut off and various factions have redrawn the borders of the United States. Can the power be turned back on? Will the bad guys win? Is Charley going to give up her virginity to that shifty guy that keeps hanging around and showing up at odd times? (Don’t do it, Charley! Wait for a ring!) Is the former militia leader uncle actually trustworthy?" (Read the rest HERE)


At June 17, 2013 at 6:55 AM , Blogger Dr. Mom said...

I LOVE that show, too!


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