Sunday, June 9, 2013

My first trial of the "Meadow Creature" broadfork

For years, I've wanted to try out a broadfork. While doing research, the one model I kept coming back to was the "Meadow Creature" version. (Find it here.)

Why? Because the reviews I read said it was basically indestructible.

That's my kind of tool - and, thanks to the generosity of Margot at Meadow Creature, I'm now the proud owner of a viciously toothed all-steel 14"-tined broadfork. This model was recommended by Mother Earth News - we shall see how it does in Florida.

The broadfork is a rather esoteric garden tool that's almost unknown to most modern growers. If what I've read is true, it can also be a great alternative to tilling and double-digging. In a time when fossil fuels are getting expensive, supply lines are tenuous and the economy is tanking, having hard-core hand tools is very important. I want to be able to farm off my own labor - and have tools that won't break on me when I need them most.

Now that I have a broadfork, I'm going to run it through a bunch of tests and give it a total all-around review. There are a few things I want to know.

1. How does broadforking compare to tilling?

2. Does using a broadfork in our sandy loam actually help plant growth?

3. Can broadforking replace double-digging?

4. Will this broadfork bust up un-worked ground enough to oversow a cover crop?

5. What kind of effort does it take to broadfork a large area?

6. How does this particular broadfork do in the field?

For now, though, here's a quick video I shot right after the new broadfork arrived:


At June 9, 2013 at 5:55 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, that is impressive.


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