Thursday, May 30, 2013

@ The Prepper Project: Two Must-Have Survival Crops

Want to put a big bank of calories in the ground? I've got a new post over at The Prepper Project that tells you how - click on over and check it out:

There are very few similarities between these two plants. One is in the sunflower family… the other is in the spurge family. One bears roots year-round… one does not. One has pretty flowers… the other has graceful canes and palmate leaves. They do have a few notable places where they overlap, however.

1. Both grow like weeds and produce in less-than-ideal conditions.
2. Both produce an abundance of calories.
3. Both are tall plants and not readily recognizable as food sources.
4. Both will mess you up if you don’t prepare them right. 

5. Both are exceptional survival crops.
6. Both are bothered by very few pests.
7. Both are excellent chicken/pig feed.


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