Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An "empty" lot paradise

I recently took another trip down to south Florida to take a look at The Great South Florida Food Forest Project, among other things.

In my recent article for Mother Earth News about mulberry trees, I told the story about how long before we were married, Rachel and I picked mulberries together from a tree down the street from her mom's place. That tree, sadly, was later knocked down... but a neighbor took cuttings before it died and placed them in an empty lot he owned across the street from where the original tree used to stand.

When we visited this time, I brought my camera and snapped a few pictures of the trees and the lot where he planted them.

Not only are there mulberries there... he's now planted acerola cherry trees, mangoes, papaya, bananas and other tropical fruits around the lot. It's gone from a sandy parking area to a jungle of food.

I'm glad the tree we once visited lives on in this man's possession... he seems like a worthy protector of her progeny. I wish I could have spoke with him in person this time - I've only met him once, and just in passing.

(NOTE TO SELF: Avoid tropical plant fever - do NOT spend too much time in south Florida.)

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At April 25, 2013 at 4:26 PM , Blogger Leon said...

Next time you're there you may want to drive a bit farther South and check food forest at The Farm at Verde Gardens in Homestead. IMHO, the sheer size, openness to the public (no fences! no guards!) and the number of the species makes it very a very worthwhile place to visit.


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