Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I'm Doing This

I started this blog because I love gardening.

I love the rich soil God put beneath my feet and the trees He designed to tower above. The thousands of fruits, vegetables, nuts and flowers.

But beyond that, these are terrifying times. No one with half a brain is happy with the way things are going... with the ruined economy, the untrustworthiness of government, corporations, churches, schools, banks, cops and even our own neighbors.

However, we can start preparing right now by planting seeds, shrubs and trees that will feed us through the lean times.

I've been gardening for a long time now. At age 33, I've accumulated knowledge beyond my years by reading brilliant folks and sharing conversations with yard people, farmers, master gardeners and neighbors. "How did you do that?" is one of my favorite questions. I generally read at least two hours a day, often on garden-related topics.

And I think, despite the ugliness of what's going on right now, we can still share what we know... and what we grow... and perhaps the upheavals of our time will fade beneath the joy of a shared sun-ripened tomato or a laugh exchanged.

I pray so.

I'm doing this because I want more people than just my own family and friends to do well. To survive and thrive. If there's anything you want me to focus on or answer, ask away. I tend to be a bit of a lecturer... pull me back to earth whenever you like! I'm posting at least 5 posts a week for you... not just so I can make myself happy (though I do love writing).

And - if you've got a killer idea or tip, feel free to write it up and I'll make a post out of it. Let's grow together.

(There - that's enough of me getting sentimental for a while. I probably need to do another post on slaughtering now to regain my Rugged Outdoorsman persona. Blood!)



At October 27, 2012 at 6:52 AM , Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh so true, David! As far as a topic, what is growing in your veggie garden currently (and what zone are you in)? I only have one tomatoe plant and some herbs right garden was flooded by Isaac so we've moved our raised beds to a 'safe' area and will begin again (probably not until Jan/Feb). I'm in zone 10a.

At October 27, 2012 at 8:50 PM , Blogger David The Good said...

We're in zone 8b/9a. I don't go by the new USDA zone map because I think it's too optimistic on the low temps we get. It's definitely not a solid 9 here.

I'm currently growing (annual-wise) bush beans, broccoli, pigeon peas, cassava, Florida cranberry, yard-long beans, edible air potato, mustard, fava beans, peas, bitter gourds, sweet potatoes, basil, carrots, fenugreek, lettuce, beets, cabbage and probably another half-dozen things I've forgotten. The weather is perfect right now and I'm enjoying being outside again.

Sorry about your flooding - we lived in TN for a while until the great Nashville flood ripped out my backyard and years of soil building. The next week, I listed my house and moved back to Florida. Hope the new beds work out. That's really, really frustrating - I feel your pain.

You're very fortunate to be in zone 10, though. You can afford to think totally different down there and delve into the realm of true tropicals. Tons of options in the realm of non-traditional crops (well... non-traditional for Americans, that is).


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