Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Found Video: Backyard Permaculture

I came across a video that I have to share. The host is the most wired gardener I’ve ever seen - and knows what he’s doing. I generally know what I’m doing, but I couldn’t get that wired even if I drank a pot of espresso and stuck my finger in the fuse box... while taking a shower. Guess you’ve gotta have lots of energy to transform your yard in less than an hour of video, though.

Take note of some of his plans - they’re brilliant. Permaculture design principles focus on making life easier for the gardener and using natural systems to reduce energy inputs. This video is a great start - and well worth an hour of your time if you’re serious about growing your own food and don’t have a tractor, lots of space, or a huge budget.

Note: You TOTALLY don’t need a chicken house as awesome as this guy’s. They’ll live in just about any enclosure. But his is really cool. If I was envious, I’d say OMIGOSHIWANTTHATHENHOUSESOBAD. But I’m not, really. I'm happy with 5-gallon-bucket nest boxes and an old shed with a sagging floor. The chickens just don't give a rip.

And of course... just because it needs to be said... to the devil with the local authorities if they don't like your plans. Just give your neighbors some eggs and veggies and stick it to the man.

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Looks like they took it down.


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